These are indeed disquieting times for our security and the Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) can be a game-changer for building up resilience in the cyber domain, by providing decision making with direct access to a pool of innovation and expertise from which EU can draw first hand, state-of-the-art capabilities.

The Cyber PESCO Projects Conference “The EU Cyber Resilience Challenge: a Joint PESCO Cooperative Approach” will enhance the EU’s capacity as an international security actor, contribute to the protection of EU citizens and maximise the effectiveness of defence spending. It will represent an unusual opportunity to explore new ideas: from harmonising requirements to delivering operational capabilities; from research and innovation to transformation; from education, training and exercises to maintenance and support for operations, reinforcing the EU-NATO complementarity of efforts on the field of cybersecurity and cyber defence.

The Cyber PESCO Projects Cluster envisage jointly developing and using the military capabilities with better coordination of efforts and more collaboration while bringing together the combined strengths of public and private financing. Cyber resilience and preparedness are major tasks for EU and NATO operations and missions, where cybersecurity and cyber defence are closely connected as they address the same threats, require life-long learning, follow the same basic principles and require similar measures and procedures.

The conference themes and highlights will be discussed by an audience of policy-makers and decision-makers from Military, Academia and the Industry, senior officials coming from Member States and from international organizations, as well as other interested parties.

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